How to Prepare For a Networking Event


While doing my research for this event I came across a great guide from Eventbrite “ HOW TO NETWORK AT CONFERENCES……WITHOUT BEING AWKWARD”. Thought I should share these tips with you from now until the “BIG Day”, Cocktails and Contacts June 2nd at the Secret lounge Rodney Bay. Enjoy and please leave a comment; would love to hear from you.

Chapter 1 Preparing for the Event

Leverage Social Media Channel
You’re probably already great at making new connections on social media sites like twitter and LinkedIn which is probably less scary than making connections in- person. So let’s start there.

Twitter is a fantastic resource for connecting with attendees ahead of time. Hashtags (#) are regularly used to facilitateconversations ahead of time.





If Twitter’s the party of social media, LinkedIn is a proper luncheon. You may feel more comfortable connecting with other business professionals on LinkedIn, which is a bit more formal than a microblogging platform.





While you might not want to connect with strangers on Facebook, it’s a good way to find other people who are attending. Find the conference event page and write on the event wall. Post on the wall of the event that you’re looking for people in order to connect with them at the event.






Hope you find this tips useful and don’t forget to register for the event.


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